The story behind bnbpal

Our mission at bnbpal is to help people make extra income from the short-term rental market without all the work and effort. We understand the challenges that come with renting your home on Airbnb. Managing guests, organising cleaning and check-ins are time consuming. When things go wrong or you are on holiday it is stressful

We envisaged a solution that made Airbnb hosting simple. We knew that if you had a trusted friend looking after everything it would be easy. From this we created bnbpal with the vision of being that trusted person looking after your home and its guest. We take the stress out of renting while maximising the income from your Airbnb

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Meet the bnbpal management team

Picture of Sarah, Operations

Sarah, the host champion

Bnbpal is only as successful as its hosts. Sarah is the host champion who is purely focusing on hosts’ needs. She ensures that every contact point between bnbpal and our hosts is intuitive, simple and clear. Sarah started working in the premium hospitality business in 2003. Sarah's extensive experience of property management and 5 star hosting is at the heart of bnbpal's operations. She has created the professional and personal service we are known for

Picture of Ben, Bnbpal founder

Ben, the visionary and dreamer

It was Ben that envisioned bnbpal’s approach to making Airbnb hosting simple. He had seen how other companies were attempting to make it easier, but were often falling short and charging too much. Being a Management Consultant, Ben applied his problem solving skills to design a service that was truly simple and cost effective. He now directs his efforts to finding new ways to improve bnbpal’s service

Picture of Laura, Technology

Laura, the innovation architect

Laura is an Astrophysicist and is responsible for bnbpal’s innovative technology to simplify Airbnb management. She is constantly identifying new ways to leverage technology to make the hosting process simpler and more efficient. You benefit from optimised pricing, improved search functionality, increased bookings and revenue. New technologies are on the way to make hosting even easier